In the single-family homes market, good deals come up fast and often when you least expect them. You need to be able to respond quickly. Complete Lending is on a mission to not only make sure you have the funds you need to take action but to also provide the information and knowledge you need to move forward with confidence. As the country’s only consultative lenders, we bring decades of real estate experience as well as funding to the table.

Fixing and flipping is a two-part process. You need to buy the property before you can remodel it and then sell it for an ultimately higher price. We understand that you need a return on investment, and we’re here to create flexible funding opportunities for you. Our Fix & Flip loan program is based on your entire project cost, which means both purchase and remodel. As a result, we can give you the loan for flipping houses that you need to snap up great properties and then slow-release funds to make remodeling work possible.

Where other mortgage lenders will hand over funds and leave you to succeed or fail, we want to give you more. Thanks to decades of experience in real estate across multiple states, we know what it takes to make a fix-and-flip mission successful.  Contact us today!