1. COVID-19 and Housing Market Volatility

    With a spiraling economy and worldwide changes in working and living conditions, 2020 may prove to be a volatile time for the real estate market. Real estate investors may find themselves asking: Should I wait to invest in a home? Should I refinance my mortgage? Where will the housing market be next year? In five years? Or ten? Let’s address those questions, and let’s examine what volatility i…Read More

  2. Why 2020 Is Shaping Up to Be the Year for a Refi

    As coronavirus news sweeps headlines, we look ahead to uncertain times. On top of creating a tragic threat to the health and livelihood of peoples around the world, this pandemic has placed a strain on the national economy, and the global economy. Already, the Senate and Congress have responded with a stimulus package to aid Americans, and the Federal Reserve slashed interest rates to keep America…Read More

  3. Welcome to Complete Lending

    No matter if you’re a newbie in the real estate development industry or a seasoned veteran in the game, you need the right support. Whether you’re investing in a house or in a massive complex, you want to have a lender that you can trust to get you the right loan for your real estate project. Complete Lending is not your typical private lender, not even close! We are the Nation’s ONLY consul…Read More

  4. Welcome

    Welcome to the new blog for Complete Lending. Please stay tuned for updates.…Read More