Welcome to Complete Lending

At Complete Lending, we pride ourselves on being the nation’s only Consultative Hard and Private Money Lender specializing in non-owner occupied residential investment loans. We are focused on providing mortgages to real estate investors in all 50 states. Unlike other lenders who just fund deals, we provide continued education, resources, market insight, to our investors helping them grow their business… oh, and we fund their deals! 

Whether it’s a house, condo, or an apartment building you need a mortgage lender who will tell you when it’s a bad deal, steer you through complexity, and look out for your best interests. Complete Lending is proud to work with investors across the nation and make their real estate goals come true.

What makes Complete Lending unique is we are the Nation’s only consultative lender. While many hard and private money lenders can fund your loan, they lack the real world, boots-on-the-ground real estate investment background to help you increase profit and scale your business to higher levels.

Our goal is to get our message out to real estate investors nationwide letting them know there is a better lending solution. With Complete Lending, they not only get the money they need but a lot more ultimately helping them to become more successful.